Welcome to petemcdaniel.com

Apologies for the long delay in completing this site and I hope you find it well worth the wait. I want to thank Veronica Preston and Erica Justice of Justice Virtual Design for their patience in working with an “old school’’ foot soldier like me, who until recently avoided facebook and other forms of social media like the plague. I think you’ll find their design highly functional and easy to navigate while presenting the best of my hopefully inspired efforts in a most creative manner. Although I am best known as a veteran golf journalist, who chronicled the career of Tiger Woods, my blogs, reports and essays on these pages won’t be limited to golf or the golf industry.

For example, there will be excerpts from my recently completed (and not-yet-published) book of poetry titled “22: Musings and Misdemeanors’’ and perhaps a few from my current project—the autobiography of my youngest son, Tristan S. “T-skrilla’’ McDaniel, titled “The Hook: A Young Black Man’s Journey to Hell and Back.’’

Although I have been a sportswriter/editor for nearly 40 years, my interests run the gamut from music to art to history to current events. This site will feature commentary on those subjects and more, although I profess to be an expert in a limited number of areas, mainstream professional golf and the history of African Americans in golf, in particular. Life and living have equipped me with certain insights that I am happy to share, kind of paying it forward, you might say.

I sincerely hope you’ll find my commentary informative and entertaining. You will also find a gallery of photos—some scenic views of golf holes and courses; others candid shots of me with friends and celebrities. Eventually I will have a schedule of my speaking engagements and book signings. Until then, please feel free to contact me via email, facebook, Linked-in or the old fashioned cell phone. I’m a pretty good listener as well.